conceptualized Lens parts

CadS designed and sold by Raf Camera

2019-04-30 23.28.07.jpg

Offset 86mm - 114mm for clamp on Mattebox or donut.

This ring goes from 86mm male threads, up to a 114mm ring that come back over the HCDNA or other lens to avid Vignette. Old version has 82mm female threads inside of 86mm male threads. New versions slimmed down design to avoid more vignette.

Anamorphic Clamps for recessed Lenses

2019-04-30 22.46.03.jpg

Kowa 8 Clamp

This is for attaching a Kowa 8 or 8b Anamorphic Lens to the base lens. this 2 part design allows for the anamorphic to land far outside the threads regularly used to attached to base lens. locks focus. Perfect for recessed lenses. 46mm male threads. other end has 49mm female threads for custom housings. More surface area support to avid damage from focuses on anamorphic (gravity, impacts ect). also allows for perfect alignment.

2019-04-30 22.54.11.jpg

Isco Red Clamp

This clamp side up and down the Isco Red Anamorphic to have the Anamprhic get as close to the Base lens as possible. includeds Brass ring to avoid locking screws damaging lens. 58mm Male threads.

2019-04-30 22.55.45.jpg

Kowa 16H Clamp

This clamp side up and down the Kowa 16H Anamorphic allowing the Anamprhic get as close to the Base lens as possible. includeds Brass ring to avoid 4 locking screws damaging lens. 58mm Male threads.

Step up rings

2019-04-30 23.01.59.jpg

HD8X -ExII Wide Angle Step down

This step up gets your HCDNA as close the the Wide Angle adapter as possible. The ExII ahas unusual male 90x1F thread. This step up lives on the attachment and converts the threads to 86mm Male. Also great for adding a filter back cap for protection.

2019-04-30 23.06.56.jpg

Projector Lens step up ring.

This step up lets your Projector Lens connect to other clamps, Filters, etc. female 68mm threads to regular 72mm or 77 x 0.75 threads.


75mm Lens Caps

This Lens Cap allows one to cover Male 75mm threaded Lenses, Clamps, FMJ and anamorphics. This is 11mm Deep for HCDNA or FMJ with anamorphic set sticking out for HCDNA.

2019-04-30 23.14.39.jpg

Micro Focus rings

These rings give focus control to custom housings or fix the focus control that’s sadly missing in the RMJ design. Those who know how non aspherical lenses function know the focal plane changes with aperture shifts. This ring goes smoothly over the RMJ. Just drill slots in the RMJ for the screws to make contact with the focus of the lens.

M42 to EOS MOUNT / Lens Housing with Iris ring (Work in progress)

2019-04-30 23.41.36.jpg

This adapter provides an external housing with ring of 90 degrees rotation for iris or Focus. Adjustable contact points for a variety of lenses. This also allows one to put extra weight on the lens without fear of damaging the heliocoil or throwing off the focus plane of the lens.

Pictured here is a Pentax 55mm 1.8 lens with additional step and step down rings to extended the front. Although lens hoods work as well. Additional ring coming soon with enough demand.