I am a Steadicam Operator with over 10 of years experience in the film/video industry. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with some of the world’s best musicians, actors, and directors.

Over the course of my career, I have developed an extensive background in Films, Commercials, Live Events, Weddings, Music Videos, Real Estate, Shorts and Reality programming.

From an early age I loved shooting, and eventually went on to shooting my own movies. After reaching the limits of hand-held video, I purchased the Steadicam Flyer. I became a certified Steadicam Operator after much practice and professional training by Peter Abraham.

I attended University of Central Florida’s 3 year BA program in Cinema Studies. After graduation I was accepted to UCF’s prestigious limited access Film Cinematography BFA program. While in college I worked locally in Orlando and was flown around the USA for event production company Cybis.

New Labs (formerly Next New Networks) brought me up to NYC and I fell in love with the city. After that trip I spent my summers shooting productions in NYC. Once I received my dual film majors, I moved to NYC permanently.

I exercise with yoga and conduct healthy eating habits for dedication to Steadicam. I love to travel and have worked internationally. Check out some of my work on this site and you will know that I am the best for moving the camera and the audience.

I love my job, and believe in making work that will outlast me.